Monday, April 14, 2008

[[ addicted~ walawe! ]]

~ my first time lol since i got addicted to this blog-thingy.heh. i did hve my own blog in frenster,but my rumates mentioned this blogger thingy n i just feel damn excited to join it,eheh. well ya, for me a blog is sumkind of 'place' that i can use to express my feelings,my not-so- gossips thingy,n the most important is i can be just me in here. i dun hve to care about wut other ppls thought bout me.get off wit it.i dun care!

i'm in exams mode rite now..uppss,,stil i hve time to write in here. againla,i'm a kind of freak u kno..hik2.. i du hve any pics to show at thiz moment,dun hve time for dat. just wanna say hi for my new blog. ..okes,i shall stop it rite now..i'l l be back,dun wori. c ya! ehe.=P