Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sneak a peek

Well hey, it's 36 weeks already! Ya Allah, i am so nervous and i feel like my whole body is shaking whenever I think about it. Seriously.

I am so blessed for not having too much of problems or craving for foods like crazy during my pregnancy period. Most of the time, when I feel like eating something, I will go and get it by myself since my husband is too far away and we are not living together yet since we get married due to work demands. Well yeah, I have to admit that it was the time when I really need my husband the most ; frankly speaking. But Alhamdulillah, everything is so clear right now, I finally with my husband when i'm approaching my 3rd trimester. Hmm better late than never, isn't?

I just wanna share few things about my 3D/4D checked up. I did my 3D/4D scan at Klinik Fauziah and Rakan-rakan in Ampang. The sonographer, Ms Jezzlyn is the best ever. Her service is highly recommended to all moms to be since she is so soft and very gentle handling me and my baby during the scanning progress. At first my baby refused to show his face and we are getting so upset since we cannot see his face. Then, Ms Jezz slowly talked to my baby and then my baby suddenly removed his hands and his face can be seen in the monitor and i was like, Subhanallah..that's my baby! He moved here and there, siap menguap lagi..tunjuk pipi tembam which is exactly like his mother! Whehe.. Aizat was so excited and he keep on saying..'Ha..ikut mama dia la..hidung ikut mama jugak..' sounds like macam dia upset sikit sebab for what we saw our baby memang ikut muka mama yang banyak compared to him..hehe..sorry Abah! :)

At first, i was reluctant to do the 3D/4D scan since i'm approaching 35 weeks already. And based on the review, normally at this period it is so hard to see the baby, only his/her movement can be seen and not really full captured. Tapi lepas kena pujuk dengan Aizat, then i agreed to go..bukan apa, takut aku frust je nanti kalau tak dapat tengok muka baby..But i was so lucky because i can see my baby and his cute face. Heee, syukur Alhamdulillah.. It's really worth it..seriously.

Here, lets see how my baby looks like after the 3D/4D scan. :)

He is so chubby kan? Like his mother. ^__^.. Actually, got few more photos captured, but this is the best shot for me I think...and got few videos jugak. Tiap-tiap malam aku akan tengok video tu sambil belek-belek gambar yang sempat captured. Macam dah mabuk cinta nampaknya..hee

Well, my little baby...you are now is still in Mama's tummy, if only you know..how Mama and Abah are so excited to see you and to have you in our arms. Stay healthy inside and not even a month pun my darling..we will be together..InsyaAllah..

Can't wait! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My baby checklist :)

As parents-to-be at anytime soon, me and Aizat still discussing whether what we have prepared earlier is actually enough or not for our baby when he's born sooner. Seriously, we thought that we had prepared every single thing for him but it seems like we both are never satisfied, like seriously.

So until now i still keep on updating my check-list for all the stuffs that might be needed when our baby is born. Google here and there, found this and that, but i feel like, it's never enough. And, one thing for sure..it's been quite some time already since i bought myself anything, same goes to Aizat. All of our saving, salary ( after deducting all the commitments), all will successfully transferred to our baby-saving account. And i'm proud to say that i finally can keep more than RM3k just for the preparation of our baby. (not including Aizat's money). Percayaalaaaahh. Ngehehe

So people, let's list down what had been prepared for our little-one soon to be ; insyaAllah. Hopefully this checklist can help you readers; a mother to-be to have something in your mind on what to buy/ to prepare for your baby :

Clothings :

a) Top & Pants / Rompers / Sleep suits - Checked. Bought newborn size for about 4 pieces, the rest combined with 3-6 & 6-12 months. Total almost 20.

b) Mittens & Booties - Checked. Got 7 pairs, mixed with blue, white and brown.

c) Blanket : Checked. 1 only

d) Hats : Checked. 4 sets. Ini digunakan masa nak bawa baby pegi check-up.

e) Tummy binders : Checked. 4 pieces. Better buy the one yang boleh ikat instead of yang lekat since we don't know how the size of the baby when she/he is born. If the baby is too big, nanti yang jenis lekat tu langsung tak boleh guna.

Changing & Diapering :

a) Changing mat : Checked. One piece

b) Baby wipes : Checked. 6 packs

c) Disposable diapers/ Pampers : Checked. Bought for new born size but comes in 64 pieces. It's too much i think, mesti tak habis guna but then blame it to Aizat. Beria sangat nak beli yang banyak pieces. Hehe

d) Napkins : Checked. Got 12 pieces from Anakku. This one being requested by my mom sebab nanti during my maternity dia akan jaga, so dia nak guna untuk bedung baby nanti.

Nursery :

a) Baby cot : Not checked.

b) Comforters, Pillow & Bolsters : Checked. Sponsored by mother-in-law

c) Baby bag : Checked. This one is used during the emergency. You have to put some of the baby clothes, toiletries, pampers which will be used after you giving birth. ( normally masa dekat hospital)

d) Mosquito net : Checked

Bathing & Grooming :

a) Bath Tub : Cheked

b) Toiletries ( Baby Bath/ Baby Oil/ Lotion/ Baby Powder / Minyak Yuyi) : Checked. All in small size, Johnson & Johnson

c) Bath Towels : Checked. 3 sets

d) Baby comb / brush : Not checked

e) Cotton buds : Not checked

f) Baby Nail Clipper : Not checked

Feeding :

a) Feeding bottle and teats : Checked. 4 bottles. Different in size

b) Teat & Bottle brush : Checked

c) Bottle cleanser : Not checked

d) Sterilizer : Not checked

Mommy's stuffs :

- Breast feeding

a) Breast pump - Checked. Medela brand

b) Breastmilk storage containers : Not checked

c) Nursing bras : Not checked

d) Maternity pad : Checked

e) Nursing/ Breast pads : Checked

f) Set bersalin : Checked. Nona Roguy

Okay, I think this is all for now. Maybe I will continue updating my check list until all are completely checked. Hopefully this is the best one.

Ok, bye :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Journey begins

Okay, hari ni nak cerita pasal hal pindah rumah and unit office baru. Since today is my second day here in Pandan Indah, nothing much i can do. Still nak adapt with the new environment here which is totally different from Penang Unit. *sigh*

Kalau di Penang Unit, partition untuk setiap orang tak la macam di Pandan Indah. Which means, for those yang memang suka privacy and lone ranger sesuai sangat la dengan partition dekat sini and semua orang tak get along very well sangat. Ye la, most of the engineers in Pandan Indah terdiri daripada lelaki. Memang tak boleh nak ngam sangat la kan..huhu

So dalam masa 2 hari ni, aku memang cuba untuk telan dan kunyah with environment macam ni. Since nothing much i can do, work load belum sampai tahap menggila lagi aku dah tak larat nak kira berapa kali aku menguap dalam masa sehari setengah ni dan berapa kali aku asyik ulang alik ke toilet sebab air cond sini super damn sejuk and yes, for a preggy person like me that approaching 8 months already, aku tak boleh hold lama-lama perasaan nak membuang air kecil tu. Huhu..layan kan aje lah ye tak?

Pasal hal pindah rumah pulak, alhamdulillah everything went well except masa nak pindah barang dari Penang ke KL. Remember previous post which i did mentioned pasal sewa lori with 2 workers that only cost me RM900 tu? well yeah, next time kalau aku nak hire orang untuk benda-benda macam ni, aku nak consult dengan Aizat or my brother in law dulu. Sebab apa? On the same day nak pindah barang tu, which at that time most of the things dah in order just tunggu nak masuk dalam lori je, driver sewa lori tu boleh sent message and informed me that he couldn't make it that day and asked me to find another lorry macam tu je. Aku memang panic sangat time tu since no matter what happened, i still have to start duty in Pandan Indah on the next Monday, tapi takkan barang-barang semua tu nak letak kat Penang? Aku memang sangat marah, and luckily my parents, kakak and brother in law were at my house. So everyone was like, 'alamak..macam mana ni..benda ni kena settle by today jugak..' aku dah macam..Ya Allah, why this thing still happened to me even though i've prepared this for almost a month ago already? Sobss panik kottttt

Then, my brother in law cuba tolong jugak, and he finally dapat satu lori sewa dari Alor Setar yang boleh datang hari tu jugak. Emergency ni..tapi upah sewa lori is actually double the price yang earlier lorry tu pulakk..RM1500 kot..aku dah macam..alamak budget lari la pulak..but then, bila discuss dengan Aizat and parents, this is the only choice that we have at that time, so just grab je la. pejam je la mata tu bila nak bayar sewa tu nanti..dalam hati, ok la..pasrah. -__-

Alhamdulillah, after what had happened hari tu finally it has come to the end. Finally berjaya jugak transfer semua barang ke rumah baru which is at 11th floor. Aku untungla sebab semua orang tak kasi aku buat apa-apa..ibu mengandung la katakan. :). Luckily ada 4 orang kawan Aizat dan abang aku yang standby kat KL untuk tolong angkat kan barang dalam rumah baru. Nak settle clearkan barang dalam lori tu pun dah sampai pukul 12tengah malam, memang penat sangat dan dua-dua laki bini terus terbungkang malam tu sebab dah over dose buat kerja sangat. Tapi aku tak la..tak buat apa-apa pun..hehehe

And now, the journey begins. Rumah ni baru ja siap kemas sikit-sikit..and baru aku sedar that my husband is very particular even for small things pun. Nak beli pelapik kaki getah nak letak depan toilet pun dia check setiap benang keliling sama ada in good condition ke tak. As for me, nak letak kat kaki je kot, tak payah la detail sangat ye tak? Ngehehe..

Dapur dah kemas,Aizat la yang kemaskan..aku tolong sikit-sikit je pun. Dan insyaAllah, maybe after clear kemas rumah nanti, kami plan nak buat kenduri sikit la. Maybe jemput jiran-jiran terdekat, sebab kena kenal-kenal jugak jiran-jiran sekeliling just in case apa-apa nanti kan senang nak mintak tolong..then nak invite kawan-kawan Aizat jugak kot..yang banyak tolong hari tu, and few relatives yang boleh datang la..at least, buat la jugak kenduri kecik-kecik pun, asalkan buat aje la..ye tak?

Apa-apa pun, aku bersyukur dapat settle down with Aizat and preparing to have a small family here. Doa-doakan la aku selamat deliver and then after maternity nanti will bring along my baby and yeah, this is the life that i've been waiting for. Membesarkan anak sendiri dan bersusah senang bersama suami.. May Allah bless this marriage, and our journey towards a better life insyaAllah. Amin.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Quick update

Quick update, i have a lot of things to write down here but have no time since you know, September was the busiest month ever.

Today is 1st Oct and i am now successfully transferred to Central Planning Unit and yey it's my first day here by the way :) Hebat tak, i can update my blog during my first day working. Hehe.

Let's go down one by one.

1. Baby's stuffs alhamdulillah dah complete beli. Banyak jugak la duit keluar but i want the best for my baby so tak kisah la berapa banyak habis pun. Untuk baju baby aku tak beli semua nya new born size, aku campur-campur. Sebab baby ni dia punya pembesaran tu agak rapid jugak. So aku beli in total semua almost 18 helai jugak la, ada new born size, 3-6, 6-12. Semua comel-comel sebab baju baby memang comel-comel belaka. Hehe.

2. Sarung tangan baby aku beli dalam 7 pasang. Sebab comel sangat. Siap ada telinga bear la bagai..memang tak boleh tahan. Tilam baby pulak dapat sponsored dari parents in law, pun ada telinga bear jugak. Ikut taste mak baby kot. Hehe.

3. Pampers done, barang-barang mandi pulak aku beli saiz yang kecik-kecik dulu. Aku beli set Johnson & Johnson sebab tu highly recommended. Tapi to be safe, aku beli dulu yang small size sebab kulit baby ni tak sama. Just in case kalau anak aku nanti tak sesuai ke apa, tak da la rasa rugi sangat kalau tak guna pun kan? Bijak tak? :)

4. Botol susu pun dah complete 4 botol, different in sizes. Mula-mula kan nak beli Avent bottle, tapi setelah di survey, kalau pakai Avent brand nanti nak tukar puting pun susah. Sebab botol Avent, hanya puting Avent je yang boleh guna. Dah la mahal sangat puting je pun. So aku beli brand Kiki Lala and plus corak botol tu lagi comel dari Avent. Sebab ada banyak bear. LOL. Tapi based on doctor's advice, botol susu ni tak kisah pun brand apa, just make sure it comes with BPA free. Mahal sikit takpe, tapi risiko yang tak elok kita dah cuba avoid.

4. Mommy's stuffs pun dah ready. :) Maternity pad, breast pump ( oh yeah, aku beli medela brand at reasonable price. Yey :) Dapat jugak sebelum pindah ke KL. Hehe. Untuk set bersalin masa berpantang pulak, aku beli set Nona Roguy, same goes to the barut jugak. Mahal kot. Total 2 tu dah RM400. Tapi based on review, Nona Roguy pun highly recommended during maternity. Berhabis untuk benda-benda yang elok, tak pa la kan? :)

Sebenarnya nak update jugak cerita pasal transfer ni, how things happened during the day nak pindah tapi macam banyak sangat pulak nak story dalam satu post. Tunggula next post, kalau sempat aku update lagi.

Bye! :)