Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My real birth experience. Finally! :)

I wanted to write and to share my real experience during my delivery process 3 months ago. I wanted to write about what had happened during the labor and etc. But seriously when I started to write on that thing, at that point of time I feel scared. Scared of remembering of what had happened on that day. I should say..it was the scariest thing ever..that happened in my life.

But then, seeing Aneeq who turns 3 months yesterday and healthy (Alhamdulillah), I decided to write my normal delivery process since it was the greatest experience for myself even though it was seriously scary..so that when I'm about to give birth to Aneeq's future siblings ( not sure when hehe) I can refer to this, at least it can give me strength or a view or a self confidence or you name it or whatever. Hushh

Ok, back to the topic. To cut the story short, actually during my 7 months of pregnancy, the doctor told me that I had been suspected to have diabetic problem since my sugar reading at that time was quite high. So whether I like it or not, I have to deliver based on my due date. CAN'T be later than that. Which means, if tak deliver by 16Nov, aku akan di-induce untuk rasa sakit bersalin. Force delivery. Sakit, tahu? And, since then I always have this on my mind, and it scares me a lot. Seriously.

Everything went well and I had applied for maternity leave a week before the due date. I hope that and I keep on praying that I WILL delivered within that week, at least no force delivery, no induce and etc. Biar sakit semulajadi. Unfortunately, I feel nothing. Boleh pergi shopping barang baby lagi tu..

So hari yang ditakuti sampai juga. Hari Jumaat, 16hb November 2012. I was scheduled to get induced at early in the morning after the CTG ( checking on the baby's heart beat) and do the VE. ( vaginal examination). I hate VE. You can search it in the internet for further info. :). After all done, the MO ( medical doctor, not the houseman) which is a very gentle lady put something like a pill, macam panadol pil tu..she put it into my miss V. It didn't hurt me at all. VE lagi sakit kot. Then. aku ditahan wad for their observation. Apa yang nurse bagitau masa lepas aku kena induced tu is that normally for those who get induced will get their 2nd or 3rd induced baru boleh beranak. So I was like..err okay..I have to stay in the ward for 3 days kot if still tak deliver with the 1st induce. Dalam hati macam..pasrah je lah kan..

I have a feeling that sure aku akan diinduce untuk kali kedua since after the 1st one, I feel nothing at all. At all. Dari pukul 7.30pagi until 2pm..checking on VE bukaan cuma 1cm. Aku lagi la, ha..1cm? Tak sakit pun? -___-

Aizat and my whole family were really worried at that time. They keep on calling me asking about my condition. And being me, aku memang tak reti duduk diam kan. I was so anxious I could not sit still. I tossed and turned, I sat, I walked around, I read baby books. Family was not allowed to visit so I was all alone. Huhu. Luckily the room was okay, got air conditioner and so convenient. I just surfing the internet about delivery prosess and recite the Surah Maryam using my tablet so yeah I was not that bored,I should say.

So there it goes..I still feel nothing so I went to bed to have rest. But then..I still remember, it was 4am in the morning..I feel hot suddenly and wet. I looked at my pants, it was wet all over. So first thing came out from my mind is that my water bag is leaking. I push the button near my bed and called the nurse. She came and checking my temperature and gave me a new set of clothes. She asked me to change and quickly come to the checking room to do the VE again. At that time it was only 2cm dilated. The doctor ( houseman) told me that if by 6.30am the result is still the same, I will get my 2nd induced. The thing is that, I still feel nothing and yeah I was so redha at that time if that the only choice that I have.

Soon after that, I checked again and yeah got discharge, fresh blood but not that heavy. I went back to bed and sleep.

Tak lama lepas tu, tetiba aku rasa tak selesa. Sakit perut. Memulas-mulas. Bukan nak membuang. Its a no no. It happened every 15 minutes. I looked at my watch it was about 5.45am. Aku rasa sakit sangat. Sangat-sangat. Parents are allowed to visit at 6am so dalam masa sakit tu Aizat and my mother in law came in. I cried to Aizat, and he hold my hands dan berzikir dekat telinga aku. My mom in law on the other hand, buat air milo untuk beri tenaga untuk bersalin nanti. Based on her view at that time, aku memang akan bersalin pagi tu jugak. She brought so-called 'Air Selusuh' and asked me to drink it. Tak banyak pun aku minum. Sekadar sesudu, sebab rasa dia..ermmmmmmmm mestila tak sedap. Huhu..

It was 630am, Aizat and mom in law kena keluar wad. Masa melawat dah habis..aku menangis tak nak diorang tinggalkan aku. The nurse called me to do the VE again while me at that time I can't even stand still. Aizat pimpin aku ke bilik pemeriksaan. Tapi guard perempuan tu bising-bising suruh Aizat keluar. So Aizat terpaksa tinggalkan aku kat situ. Aku dah sakit sangat, macam dah 5 minit sekali. Nurse tengok aku dah pucat, she asked the doctor to bring me in first sebab masa tu ramai yang tengah tunggu untuk diseluk. Nurse pimpin aku masuk dan MO yang check not the houseman pagi tadi tu. Mujurlah. Doctor was surprised since after her checking she told to the nurse to bring me to the labor room as soon as possible. It was already 5cm approaching 6cm dilated.

Nurse dah kelam kabut cari wheel chair. Guard yang macam hampeh tadi pun kalut cari Aizat. Aizat was not there. Aizat di surau, solat Subuh and luckily my mom in law was there. She then quickly called Aizat, ( dia tengah baca Surah Maryam masa tu), bagitau yang aku dah ditolak masuk labor room dah. Aizat was so cuak, dia pun kelam kabut jugak. -___-

It was 7.30am but Aizat still not coming. The contractions were even worse. I just don't know what to do, the nurse came in, change my clothes and asked for baby's stuffs. Houseman came in, cucuk jarum dekat tangan but she FAILED. Dia tersilap cari urat tangan which ended bidan yang buat lastly. Cause me lebam dan padan muka houseman tu kena marah. Orang dah sakit, dia sakitkan lagi. Huhu

Aizat finally came. He saw me with pain, dia hampir menangis. Sakitnya Allah saja yang tahu. Aku dah tak tahan dengan sakit tu so I asked the houseman is there any painkiller that I can take because I can't hold it any longer. Nak meneran sangat-sangat dah. Masa tu bukaan dah 7cm, 8.30am. Houseman tu suruh aku sedut gas yang ada kat sebelah aku untuk kurangkan rasa sakit. Aku sedut banyaaaaaakkkk..but tak kurang pun sakit. In fact aku rasa MENGANTUK. Serius menyesal.

MO datang dalam pukul 9pagi. Masa tu ada houseman bangang mana ntah main seluk-seluk aku pastu buat muka confius, ' eh ni macam dah 8cm..eh macam 7cm lagi..' Aku tengah contraction kot. Rasa macam nak tendang je. Aizat was there, and I know he was mad at that time seeing they did that to me. Then MO datang untuk double check and he said that it's already 9cm. He asked me to PUSH. Okay, I was like..aku dah boleh beranak ke???' Sakit sangatttttt

Aku push dalam 3 kali tapi aku dah lali sangat. The doctor asked Aizat keluar dulu, and I know at that time mesti dah masuk kes kritikal. Bidan bisikkan dekat telinga asked me to try harder since the baby's head can be seen but I have no enough energy to push him out. Masa tu dalam samar-samar I heard his heart beat was beating so damn fast, Ya Allah aku tak nak jadi fetal distress. Aku rasa doctor tu gunting bahagian miss V aku but I don't know for what purpose. Doctor then told me..'Puan, just one push..cuba puan..this is the only way we can do for you. The rest is all up to you. Push kuat-kuat'. Masa tu dengan houseman, nurse, bidan, semua macam bersorak bagi semangat dah macam fun fair pun ada. Diorang mintak aku push sekuat hati aku, so dengan kelalian yang sangat-sangat, aku tarik nafas dalam-dalam and hembus sambil meneran. And then I heard the doctor said, "Good job..one more push. Baby tersekat dekat bahu. I need one more.". Aku push lagi then I feel something came out from me and then Aneeq's first scream loudly heard. I was so blessed. I looked at the watch that hanging on the wall..it was 9.31am. I just give birth to another human being at 9.31am, 17th November 2012. Happy tapi aku terlalu lali dan penat untuk melompat kegembiraan..:)

Lepas settle semua, I was informed that they wanted to check Aneeq's condition since the delivery was assisted with vacuum method. So kesan nya Aneeq dimasukkan ke NICU for 3 days and yes..I was so emotional at that time..menangis je aku kat rumah rindu Aneeq. After that 3 days, bawak Aneeq balik rumah the next day kena warded lagi because of the jaundice! Sedih sangat. Luckily sehari je warded lepas tu we both just monitor in KK. Alhamdulillah Aneeq jaundice tak lama, he was okay and healthy since then until now. Syukur sangat-sangat.

Pengalaman bersalin ni akan jadi something that would be the most scariest thing but then..when I think about it again..seeing Aneeq in my life I have to say that it was the most wonderful moment ever. I wanna do it again, InshaAllah sekiranya diberi keizinan dan dipanjangkan umur..Terima kasih Allah..YOU gave me one of your million miracles in my life. Ahmad Aneeq bin Ahmad Aizat.