Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Mr Future

May I see the things in front of me as they are, not as I think them to be.

May I walk the steps ahead of me one at a time, not wondering if there's a map.

May I say the things that fix things, not break them further apart.

May I do what I need to do, not be distracted by what I can't.

May I dream of what I hope for, not of what I fear.

May I love you like I love you, not as any other, me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mencari syukur dalam tiap-tiap dugaan Tuhan

Orang cakap jangan terlalu dicanang, nanti tak jadi. Betul, sesak rasa sebak dada.

Mahu ambil jantung keluar dari jasad
Mengharap jantung tak berdegup begitu kencang bila di luar jasad

Lelah aku lemah
sebak aku sesak

Jari menghitung masa
Mata tak henti-henti tatap waktu

Tak henti-henti sumbat sabar


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lost Soul

" Hearts will never be practical unless they are made unbreakable"

The first stain happened when your hand first touched mine.
The second is black pen ink.
The third was an accident, or something you said, i said that hurt each other.
The fourth is a burn or worse.
The fifth is the name of a feeling I made up and then wrote down.

When no one's around, I practice saying the words you'll never hear.

'You are not perfect because you're only perfect for me.'