Friday, October 18, 2013

Less in a month. Yeyyy

It's October and less in a month, Aneeq will turn 1 year old! I can't believe that time flies so damn fast and it seems to be soooo unreal. Don't you think so?

What to update about Aneeq? My last update when he was about 7-8 months old I guess? Ok let's just leave it be. Well by now, Aneeq still has the separation anxiety when I'm not around. It is actually lesser that before, but still he has it. But it's ok for me least I know that he knows that I am his mother. Kekeke

Speaking of babbling, he’s starting to pay closer attention to grown up talk. He copies the inflection I use when I speak. His favorite word is dada, mama and dada. He now can wave goodbye even to strangers(that's good) and clapping hands. Hee :)

He is also able to walk while holding onto furniture, well we called it as 'cruising' kot? He loves walking while pushing his walker and can stand for a few seconds by himself(and walk 2-3 steps ahead), but he's a careful boy and know he fall less while crawling so that's why he more prefer to crawl rather than to learn how to walk. Gesshhh -___-

He is currently now has 5 top teeths and 4 bottom ones. Expected more to come since he lovesssss to bite. Huhuhu..

But it's ok..he's in a learning process and...yeah..he is into everythinggggggg.