Monday, July 15, 2013


I think me and Aizat are having a big problem right now. Haha well it is about Aneeq again! Walla..

His babysitter is asking to take a full week off after raya to go back to her hometown, if I'm not mistaken in Terengganu kot. Jujurnya, my annual leave tinggal 8 hari sahaja lagi ( tak tolak cuti raya lagi tu weh!) which I've spent half of my annual leave before because of Aneeq jugak last time masa dia kena chicken pox, demam, babysitter mintak cutilah and etc etc. Haih.

Imagine that how could I survive with 8 days left until end of Dec? Dengan nak raya lagi...raya haji lagi..and not included untuk any random things that might happened in the next coming months lagi..adoi I am really in trouble seriously. wakakaa

I was thinking to let Aneeq with my mom in Alor Setar for that period while me and Aizat will back to KL and working as usual. It might sounds easy..since my mom is actually waiting for this moment for quite some time already. Haha. She loves Aneeq to the max I would say! Tapi is just me..I can't stand a day without seeing Aneeq so tak mungkin aku mampu bertahan without seeing Aneeq for that at least 3 days..I will go crazy man! :(

One more thing about his milk la of course. Berapa bekas aku nak bawak to support him while I'm not there? I mean, tak boleh nak agak jugak sebab when he sleeps especially waktu malam, he refused to get feed with the bottle. He wants his mama jugak..aku tak sure how Aneeq will be nanti sebab kami tak pernah berpisah even for a day! Sobs sobs

Serabut la..

Rasa macam nak resign sekarang jugak. Haha

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