Monday, July 1, 2013

Separation Anxiety - Aneeq

It's Julyyyyy everyone! Time flies so fast and Ramadhan is just less than a week. I can't wait for this fasting month since this is the first year I'll be celebrating it with my husband and my little man. Last year I was still in Penang while husband in KL and at that time my little man still in my tummmy and was approaching 6 months kot. That's why I am so excited ok! :)

As I mentioned in my previous posts about Aneeq's first solid food, by now I think Aneeq is getting better in adapting his food kot. I mean, he's doing great! Alhamdulillah, he likes to eat now even though there are times when I have to be like a hulk since Aneeq intentionally refused whatever things that I've prepared. But then he will come back to me dengan muka lapar meminta bantuan kecemasan hoping that I will feed him with my milk. Akai macam-macam!

Well, he is now 7 months plus and yeah..he's getting smarter and like a new little observer in the house. He likes to observe whatever things in the house with the ability of rolling, and style of crawling. Gaya tu ada, tapi belum melangkah merangkak lagi. He can sit without support but we have to put him in sitting position first since he don't know how to sit on his own yet but I think that is huge development for him. Alhamdulillah. :)

He is now got 2 batang gigi bawah and we are expecting 2 more dekat bahagian atas. Rasa gums dia dah keras and maybe in the next 3 weeks boleh complete 2 batang gigi atas bawah kot. Hehe cuteness overload la macam fast he grows up! Pheww rasa macam tak boleh keep up but Mama still doing it right. Hahaha

At the age of 7 months ni, Aneeq is showing signs of separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a normal emotional stage of developement that starts when babies begin to understand that things and people exist even when they are not present. It means like, whenever I leave the room, Aneeq will know that I'm gone- and is able to picture and start to miss me like I'm leaving him for forever. Nangis macam kena cubit. Even he is already sleep in the night, safe and sound..he will wake up periodically not just for the milk but also to make sure that I was there and I believe that this is caused by the anxiety stage- the two seem to be connected. Get what I mean? See for yourself when your baby is having this. -__-

But still, Aneeq is a gift from God and I am soooo proud to be his mummy. And I hope that he will be proud too having me and my husband as his parents. And his dad..loves him more than he loves himself. Aneeq is the most priority, and his everything. With the arms wide open, he will always be there with me and at the front line, protecting us and work hard to feed us well. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah..terima kasih Allah.

Harap masih terus layak diberi amanat memegang amanah ini. Amin.


sHe said...

Emir punnnnnn. Macam start dah.
Tapi selalu kalau dia mula nak teriak aku cakap "haipppppppp"

Pastu dia ok balik. Kalau payah, aku angkut dia dok kat dapoq dgn aku, tgk aku masak. heh

Solaris said...

Hehe aku kalau aneeq dah start nak merengek without reason mmg aku akan letak dalam walker je dlu. at least sempat la nak solat or mandi ke apa. tp memang tak da privasi arr..semua bnda aku buat mesti dia check. masuk bilik sikat rambut pun sibuk nak tengok! grr