Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mother's love & Random (ver.3)

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path." - Agatha Christie

I still remember a quote saying that a woman does not know her capacity to love until she has a child and that is how I feel with my Aneeq. Seeing him growing up with my own eyes, all the hard things- sleepless night, heart-break when he's got cold/fever and etc; for me, it makes the love even stronger. How strong I was to face that difficulties and the hardship, I will always feel proud of myself and of course that’s the awesome thing about a mother’s love, there’s always room for more :')

Aizat was reading my blog last night and he said, "Amboi, sekarang semua post blog cerita pasal Aneeq eh..", with a smile on his face-like macam perli pun ada. Wehee. I don't know what to reply. I just give him a big smile on my face and said nothing..sorry love. :)

Hmmmmppp, but then, to be honest..yang sebenarnya aku sanggaaaattt addicted with Aneeq. Seriously. Apa dia buat, berguling, bergolek, berpusing, menonggek semua mesti nak tengok. My eyes caught on him. Melekat macam ada gam. Sometimes I will feel like I'm not doing a good job in raising my kid. There are easy days when your kids seem like the angel that they deep down really are. But there are bad days - that make you question your judgment, your method, your beliefs - that makes you question yourself: Am I doing the right thing? I know I’m not the only one. Kan?

Adapting myself into motherhood life is not something easy. It's hard but I think all of the mommies are actually love it kot. Mana nak masak lagi, kemas rumah lagi, dengan Aneeq's need on my ketiak lah, calling 'maammaa-mammmaa' lagi la..there are a lotsssss of things to do at the same time! Alhamdulillah so far everything went well even tho diuji sangat hebat dengan Aneeq got his chicken pox at the age of 6months! Luckily husband was there, holding my hands and fully support me when I was down. Thanks abg! See, I'm writing about you in this post, not just about Aneeq. Hehe. Love you soooo much! :)


I actually so damn excited waiting for my coming soon niece(kot?nephew pun okay.hee)expected inshaAllah this coming July. Aaaa best dapat bau bayi sebab it comes from heaven. Bau syurga kan..hee..Aneeq dah bau masam dah sebab dah grown up fast! Bila bercakap dengan Aneeq especially bila aku membebel, I feel like I'm talking to a big boy sebab he will stare at me like he actually faham la kot. Haha. Comel sangat!

Haa remember about my last post about our vacation that supposed to be any date in June, actually we ended up went back to Alor Star. Hahaha. Actually, awal-awal tu..Aizat was thinking of going to Gold Coast Morib, but then bila dia nak booked the room, surprisingly all rooms are fully booked for June! Cameron is boring, Aizat la cakap. So ding dong here and there ingatkan our vacation will just be nothing, but then last 2 weeks la on Friday, Aizat came back from work and he went to bed early malam tu because he was too tired. And me on the other hand,was playing with Aneeq je la kan..suddenly it was 11pm, Aizat woke up and then he said, "Jom balik Alor Staq'..I was like, seriously? Bila?


I was so happy and melompat-lompat dengan Aneeq. Hahaha. Quickly I ran to my room and just took whatever stuffs that important including Aneeq's stuff and we went back to Alor Star at 1am. My mom was really shocked. Haha..our sweet escape. :) Ok la kot..dari membazir pegi travel ke sana sini but we ended went back to my kampung jenguk orang tua. Hehe. Thanks hubby..:)

Ok la, will update in the next post. See ya! :)

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